How do I get the portals to promote my release?

It is possible for The Source to ask certain portals to feature your release more prominently than normal releases on their platforms. We only do so at your request. Before you send us a request to promote your release, you must first take the following factors into account:
  1. There is no point in applying for promotion/placement for a "regular" release. Only "special" releases with proper marketing drivers are eligible.
  2. The Source will use your application to ask the portals to prominently display and promote your release using their particular promotion systems.
  3. Application will not automatically lead to placement at the portals; there is no guarantee whatsoever.
  4. If demand is high, The Source will make a selection from the applications first.
  5. Whether The Source forwards your request to the portals remains at the sole discretion of our editors.
  6. Once requested by us, placement is at the sole discretion of the portals themselves; they have no obligation whatsoever to promote your release via their channels or on their platforms.
  7. To have a bigger chance, you should supply as much additional material and information as possible.
Please supply as many of the following information and materials as possible:
  • (Social) media metrics for the artist or project; numbers of followers on Instagram, subscribers and views on Youtube, Facebook etc.
  • Historical sales for the same album on previous digital or physical release, other albums from this series, project, label and/or the Artist.
  • Airplay, TV, Podcast, Vlog appearances.
  • Previous and current chart successes for the Artist.
  • Brief Album/release Description, key facts.
  • Tour dates, number of planned performances, type of stage (festival, bar/club, theatre, stadium etc.)
  • Specific marketing efforts for this release, such as (online and/or print) advertising, promotional tour, plugging etc.
  • (Very short) Biography and complete discography for the artist.
  • Any additional photographic or promotional materials you may have for this particular release.
Please send the above materials in an e-mail to and include the following information:
  1. Either the ReportingCode, Catalogue Number or EAN for the release.
  2. Release Title and Artist.
  3. Refer to the fact that the e-mail pertains to a promotion request.